Speaking (General)

TEDxOakParkWomen | Oak Park, IL | October 2016

            Speaker: “Why Guns and Violence will be the Next Women’s Movement

TEDxUofIChicago | Chicago, IL | April 2016

            Speaker: “A Story of Numbers

TEDxRoosevelt | Chicago, IL | April 2016

            Speaker: “A Story of Numbers”

Speaking (Medical & Healthcare)

FIX 2017: FemInEM Idea Exchange | New York, NY | October 2017


Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting | Orlando, FL | May 2017

           IGNITE! Presenter: “Eponymous EKGs: What are all those fancy names and how to remember them”

Intersections: Where Passion Meets Profession | Chicago, IL | January 2017

            Speaker: Career in emergency medicine, healthcare policy and media

Haymarket Center 2016 Fall Workshop Series | Chicago, IL | October 2016

           Speaker: “All addiction is not created equal: Nicotine in tobacco harms reduction”

Haymarket Center 22nd Annual Summer Institute on Addictions | Elmhurst, IL | June 2016

           Speaker: “Untold Stories of the ER: Real-world challenges of the emergency substance abuse care”

American Academy of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly | Las Vegas, NV | February 2016

           Speaker: “What goes up must come down: Penis aspirations in the emergency department”

            Panel Speaker: “Global Emergency Medicine Residents Working Conditions – Overworked, Underpaid”

            Panel Speaker: “Global Emergency Medicine Student, Residents, and Trainee Associations Around the World”

Illinois College of Emergency Physicians (ICEP) Speaker’s Forum | Chicago, IL | May 2016

            Speaker: “What goes up must come down: Penis aspirations in the emergency department”

National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine | Chicago, IL | June 2015

            Panel Speaker

American Medical Association Interim Meeting | National Harbor, DC | November 2014

            Panel Speaker: “How to be a #medstud”

American Medical Association Interim Meeting: Leadership School | National Harbor, DC | November 2014

            Panel Speaker

Poster Presentations

“Acquired methemoglobinemia in patient treated with dapsone and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole”

            University of Chicago | Chicago, IL | November 2015
            AMA Research Symposium

Mercury poisoning in a hypertensive child with abnormal compulsive behaviors, weight loss, transient rash, and generalized pain: a case report

            The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center | Dallas, TX | Fall 2013
            Under supervision of Sing-Yi Feng, M.D. and Collin Goto, M.D.
            AMA Research Symposium November 2014