TEDxOakParkWomen: The Next Women’s Movement

Dr. Ho reframes gang violence as a man’s battle, but a woman’s war.

TEDxUofIChicago: A Story of Numbers

Emergency medicine physician Dr. Amy Ho discusses how numbers defined her life... until she started to define them.

TODAY Show: Controversy of Chi-Raq

Dr. Amy Ho comments on Spike Lee's movie Chi-Raq on violence in Chicago.

DocThoughts: About ACA

Dr. Amy Ho breaks down the Affordable Care Act and outlines what medical students need to know about healthcare.

Untold Stories of the ER (Season 12 Ep 4): Heeled!

Dr. Amy Ho treats a man who is impaled in his abdomen by a stiletto heel.

Sex Sent Me to the ER (Vol 4 Ep 14): Routine Romance

Dr. Amy Ho solves the mystery of the raunchy circus performers.

SheDares - Dallas Women's Foundation

Main video for the 32nd Annual Dallas Women's Foundation Luncheon featuring Dr. Amy Ho.

NPR: Millennial Doctors May Be More Tech-Savvy, But Is That Better?

Dr. Amy Ho comments on her experience training as a millennial doctor. Millennials are the next generation of doctors and they're not afraid to say "chillax" in a consultation or check Twitter to find medical research.

Vocalo: Dr. Amy Ho on “Frequent Flier” Addicts in the ER

Dr. Amy Ho regularly treats addicts who are admitted to the Emergency Room over and over again for being too intoxicated. With so few resources to offer to frequent ER patients, Dr. Ho believes hospital visits may even enable addicts to keep drinking.

Pulse Podcast: Patient Experience with Dr. Ho

Dr. Ho discusses the impact of technology in healthcare at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly.

Pulse Podcast: Technology Advancements with Dr. Ho

Dr. Ho discusses the impact of technology in healthcare at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly.

Millennium women in medicine & media @ #TEDMED

Dr. Ho talks about gang violence and its impact on women. She said that on weekends, “It's when the ER turns into a morgue” and tells us why every ER physician has PTSD.

The Happy Doc: Dr. Amy Faith Ho

Get ready to listen in to this high energy and comical conversation with Emergency Physician Amy Ho and learn how you can be a happy doctor!

Amy Ho: An ER Resident Who Connects with Patients and Society

I wish someone when I was in college would’ve told me that 0.1 point difference on your GPA wasn’t the end of the world (because at the time, it sure felt like it)!

Hacker's Guide to Medical School: Dr. Amy Faith Ho

Amy is a jack of all trades who has been successful in entrepreneurship, medicine, and policy.

AAEM: Psychiatry in the Emergency Department

In this episode, Amy Ho, MD and Leslie Zun, MD MBA FAAEM discuss psychiatry in the emergency department.

Hippocratic Hustle: Writing for the Media

Amy shares tips and techniques to get your article published.